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Raised Panel, Collages and Mosaics

What are Raised Panel Prints?

Prints that are mounted to 1/4″ Sintra (a hard board-like material) which is again mounted to a 1/2″ Sintra Mounting Board.

What are their Benefits?

  • No external frame or glass is needed, even for paper prints
  • Print edges are protected from miss-handling
  • Contemporary look
  • Multiple configuration types that can tell a story
  • Pricing only slightly more than mounted print

What configurations are available?

  • Single Print: on larger Backing Board
  • Collage:  multiple prints on the same Backing Board that can tell a story

    Collage with Related Pictures

    Collage Story – Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring Formation

  • Mosaic: a single image is broken apart to form a mosaic or multiple images are combined into a mosaic.
    Mosaic from Fine Art Prints – curtesy of Caroline Mustard @ carolinemustard.com

    Mosaic with 15 Images

How are they made?

  • Step 1: Each image is printed on Exhibition paper (Matte or Luster), Canvas or Metal to the size requested (Maximum 24” on the small side).
  • Step 2: Canvas and Paper is UV Sprayed for light and abrasion resistance (no need to spray Metal prints).
  • Step 3: Prints are Surface Mounted to ¼” white or black Sintra (a hard board-like material).
  • Step 4: The final pieces are spaced as specified and mounted to a white or black 1/2″ Sintra Backing Board.                   Mounted Picture on 1/2″ Sintra Backing Board
  • Step 5: A wire hanger is attached to the back for easy hanging.

Ordering and Payments

Because of the various size and spacing options it is best to email or call us with your specifications.

Please have following information:

  • What media type (paper, canvas, metal) do you want the images printed on?
  • What size are they. i.e. 8×12?
  • How many images will be mounted and what color (white or black) do you want the mounting board.
  • The spacing between the images and to the sides.

We are happy to make recommendations.

Please see our Payment Page for the payment types we accept.

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